Top 10 LASIK Eye Surgery Clinics in Singapore - 1

LASIK Clinics

1. The Lasik Surgery Clinic (LSC) - Dr. Marc Tay in Singapore

LSC is the Singapore Medical Group's flagship medical practice, it has carried out Lasik more than 34,000 eyes. Dr Marc Tay is a member of the Founding Group of Refractive Laser Surgeons when LASIK was first introduced at the Singapore National Eye Centre. He has operated on 10,000 eyes last year.

LASIK Prices : Custom LASIK from $1,999 / Both Eyes Before GST

LASIK Clinics

2. Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), SingLasik - Dr. Donald Tan

At the SingLasik, it is understood that about 7,000 eyes were operated on last year. There are around 10% of patients are screened out after careful evaluation and advised not to proceed with the procedure. Dr Donald Tan has imparted internationally as a global educator and researcher for over 15 years.

LASIK Prices : Microkeratome Custom LASIK $1,999 / two eyes ; IntraLase Custom LASIK $2,688 / two eyes

LASIK Clinics

3. Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) LASIK Centre - Dr. Heng Wee Jin in Singapore

Tan Tock Seng Hospital Department's of Ophthalmology is the 2nd largest eye specialty unit in Singapore. A Ministry of Health Singapore Survey showed that TTSH LASIK Centre achieved 100% success rate with our patients attaining unaided vision of 6/12 of better 3 months after LASIK.

LASIK Prices : LASIK Surgery from S$950 / per eye onwards

LASIK Clinics

4. Jerry Tan Eye Surgery in Singapore

Since 1996 Jerry Tan Eye Surgery Clinic has averaged about 1000 cases of LASIK per year, and the success rate is about 100%. Dr Tan started performing LASIK in May 1996, To date he has done more than 11,000 cases. He always perform LASIK on one eye at a time, separating surgery for each eye for a period of 1 to 3 weeks.

Of the over 11,000 cases that Jerry Tan Eye Surgery has handled to date, there has been only one early infection.

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