LASIK, LASEK Eye Surgery Average Costs In UK 2013

LASIK Eye Surgery costs vary greatly in the UK. Normal average prices of Lasik is about £950 per eye in UK 2013. There are more than 140 clinics were identified with LASIK Eye Surgery in the UK now. Here, let us in the costs of the three major ophthalmology group to an example, Optical Express, Ultralase and Optimax.

Costs in Optical Express 2013 (Per Eye)

Lasek costs from : £395
Advanced CustomVue Wavefront Lasek from : £795
LASIK Costs from : £395
Advanced CustomVue Wavefront Lasik from : £795
IntraLase + £300

Costs in Ultralase 2013 (Per Eye)

Lasek prices : £995 - £1,995
Lasik prices : £1,395 - £2,295

Costs in Optimax 2013 (Per Eye)

Short sight, Long sight and Astigmatism from : £395
IntraLase LASIK Costs from : £890
Wavefront Customised LASIK Costs from : £790

The Starting Prices Of Basic LASIK Eye Surgery in London, UK 2013

Lasik, Lasek surgery average costs